Weekly Journal E6

Life & Work#

There was nothing special in my life this week. On Wednesday, I had a meeting with an Indian colleague from our overseas clients. On Friday, I discussed another project issue with a client from North America. That's pretty much it for work this week. Basically, I just organized the project and had discussions with clients. Then, I thought about the project some more.

I attended two dinners this week. One was a department dinner, which was like an end-of-year gathering.

The other one was a dinner hosted by Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang is going to Hangzhou, and theoretically, I should have paid for the dinner. However, when I was about to pay, I found out that Mr. Tang had already settled the bill. We went to a place called Man Ba Qi Hot Pot, which is a small and exquisite restaurant with really good taste, except for one of the lamb dishes that had a strong smell. I would give it an 8 out of 10 overall. I have been to many restaurants in Hefei before, and so far, this one seems to be the best. Because it was the end of the year, the staff gave us a small gift bag when we left. Inside were a keychain, two pairs of red socks, and a small round box. The other two items were fine, but the keychain was really ugly and hard for me to accept. It's just unbearable to see it next to my Doraemon keychain (the strange thing on the right in the picture below is the dragon year keychain 😂).

As I mentioned before, after having dinner with Mr. Tang, we usually take a walk and chat. So we talked about the topic of financial freedom. I saw a saying before that the minimum threshold for financial freedom is: to ensure that your current lifestyle remains unchanged and your wealth can support you until you reach heaven. So, I made a rough calculation:

  • Housing: According to the housing prices in Hefei, it's over 20,000 yuan per square meter, so let's say 30,000 yuan (taking into account the fluctuation of housing prices in some areas). So, a 120-square-meter house would be 3.6 million yuan.

  • Living expenses: I am currently 28 years old and assuming I will live until 90 years old. So, I still need 52 years of living expenses. Assuming I will be as healthy as I am now, without any major illnesses, and only occasionally taking cold medicine, my expenses last year, excluding rent, were 43,000 yuan. If we calculate based on the current general inflation rate of 3%, it would be approximately 15244,000×(1+3%)i\sum ^{52}_{1} {44,000\times {(1+3\% )}^{i}}. So, it would be around 5.35 million yuan.

  • Marriage: It would cost around 200,000 yuan.

Without considering expenses for raising and educating children, supporting parents, and other family expenses and loans, you would need 3.6 million + 5.35 million + 200,000 = 9.15 million yuan. If you include all these expenses, it would probably be around 10 million yuan. Another condition for achieving financial freedom is that your partner's income is enough to support themselves and their parents (this is just for calculation convenience and doesn't imply anything else. Any situation in a family should be shared by both partners).

This calculation may be too rough, but the number is still quite surprising. At least I have a rough idea of when I might achieve financial freedom (if I made any mistakes, please correct me).

I exercised for five days this week, but I took two days off because of the dinners. I cleared my "exercise debt" this week, with a total of three times owing, 1 hour each time.

As for listening practice, I did it regularly this week, nothing much to say.


Because I had to submit my final project, I spent a night or two studying the Tkinter framework. I wrote a Toy-like interface using Tkinter, and I will tidy it up next week, which is basically enough to "get by".

Originally, I planned to make a more impressive toy project, but in the end, I decided to just get it done and move on. There are other things to do in the next stage.

In addition, I wrote a review of the movie "Flowers" this week, which is a rural story. Interested friends can take a look at the record.


  • "A Global History": 19%, didn't make much progress, ashamed.
  • "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn": 6%. Because I have been reading history, I also felt tired, so I started a new book. So far, it's good and relaxing.


  • "12th Fail": Movie. Personal rating: 7.8. Although the story is straightforward and not very exciting, the overall pace is good, worth watching. But it didn't bring me deeper thoughts, so I don't have any thoughts after watching it.
  • "Furien of the Funeral Lily" E20: Anime. The plot was a bit slow this week, but overall it was okay. Looking forward to next week.
  • "Dragon Hunter Ragnar": Action anime, nothing much to say. It's pretty good.
  • "Maze Rice": It doesn't seem to be my thing, hmm, I'll wait and see.
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